Its simple... We love what we do...

Some people just look at our job as simply being photographers, but we see it as much more. We get the privilege of being invited into the most important day of your life. We get to celebrate with you. We get to become part of the family. We get to laugh and cry with you. We get to help you when things feel stressful. Truthfully we love being a part of your big day. Then on top of all that we get to use our creative side and capture all the beauty all the details all the laughs all the love...


Zach Mathers

I was raised in the Northwest. Grew up loving the outdoors and adventure. After college in Southern California I set out  filming documentaries around the world. That experience allowed me to see the world differently. I began to see all the beauty that surrounded me in a different light. Shortly after my wife and I moved back to the Northwest. It is there I fell in love with photography and discovered the ability to capture a story in a single shot.

 Three years ago my wife and I and now our three kids moved to the island of Maui. The ocean has a tendency to always pull me back to it. I now have been shooting weddings for the last seven years and have loved every moment of it.